1. When your life is good, nothing is to be complained over but you still stay under your blanket a whole day.

    Talking with someone about this later.

    Unsure if the lazyness getting comfortable in my brain sensing the fall close in. Feels like it 80

  2. the-explosive-existence:

    Pillar 9 - Jajnas art

    //My baby blue girl, what are you doing? lD

    Putting the arts here to :3

  3. the-explosive-existence:

    Alixon Interaction with Baal, Marex, Krang, me and Huugin~!

    Is for da but I post it here to, did you notice? I’m cleaning up my files lD

    Reblogging my own art here! X3

  4. lotuseaterdragora:

    ///poor Salaam, he doesn thave a clue of anything lol keep living in your bubbole dude! XD you’re gonna learn!!!! >D 

    //Adorably pretty somehow…
    Baby face~<3
    Im so confused by this while Its interesting. Poor Alixon feels left to the side ‘Drago’ living a secret life she has no clue how to handle him so different.
    Explain this later!! …..hes so cute!!

  5. the-explosive-existence:

    //Amoxtli!!! Dragon women got no wings here but its colored~!
    Scraping on it tomorrow further but I’m going to fall asleep soon and felt it need to be out first.
    Enjoy Eve~<3

    Reblogging my own art here. :)

  6. kodaris:

    Maleficent and Diaval by Kodaris

    These shadows you do~ all the fethers!!! Looks so cozy!!

    Huppp, so this ship sticks to you dose it? X3 -goes to watch it again-

  7. ca-tsuka:

    From Aoi Honoo (Blue Blaze) japanese drama TV series based on manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto and featuring Hideaki Anno as student (gif sources : 1 2 3).

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  8. madamezolah:

    Im still open for comissions, got some money but i still need more. If anyone have any questions just PM me and ill answer them as good as i can.

    Sketch - 10$

    Lineart - 15$

    flatcolour - 25$

    hard shading - 35$

    soft shading - 45$

    Additional characters are 10$( 5 on sketches )


  10. Feel better soon Koda hunny!

  11. Me, Jajna is almost done with coloring this three happy friends making a drawing piece! (might look horrible tomorrow so.. everything change! but wutever -w-)
    Dear friend Bruttan made sketch!
    Dear friend Zo made lineart!

    Needed to post sexy winged lady with LOTS of jeweles before going to bed.
    20 minutes to late for sexy sunday tho, buuuh!
    Niiight~!! =D

  12. toomuchbasil:

    i’m not strong enough to handle anime

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  13. Late birthday gift for my dear friend Las of her OC’s Aggis family!!!!!


  14. madamezolah:

    Kinda makes me think about you Jajna :3

    //Oh dear me…….. I missed this when you posted it and now I cant post an answer properly showing what you compared me to and wrote!!!

    Uuurgh!! <3<3 Thank you Zo~<3<3 wonderful being!

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